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Conwy Camera Club is the oldest photographic society in North Wales and currently the largest. We hold weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings from September to May. If you would like to join the club, please contact the Membership Secretary at membership@conwy-camera-club.org

This website contains examples of work by many of our members and is frequently updated. The Featured Photographer gallery changes each month.

Please use the full index of galleries on the left, or the pictorial index (showing selected galleries only) on the right, to view photo galleries by theme. If you would like to see more of an individual photographer’s work, please click on the photographer’s name in the list on the left of the home page (scroll down).

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If you are planning to visit Conwy or North Wales…

You’ll find plenty of pictures of our area on this website, especially in the Conwy and North Wales galleries. Click on ‘Where to go for Photos’ to find out where you can get good photos in our area.

If you live in Conwy or North Wales…

We hope the pictures show you what a beautiful and interesting area we live in. The website will keep you updated on club events. Please look under Now Showing in Conwy (left) for details of what we’re showing in our two galleries in Conwy this month.

Featured photographer

Quita Williams

I always had a camera on me when I was younger, be it disposable or digital but never learnt how to take decent photo. I spent a lot of time with the photographers at my wedding and found myself wanting to be able to take a photo like them. My brother is an excellent photographer and was already attending Conwy Camera Club, so he asked me to join and I haven’t looked back since. I fell in love with taking pictures of people, especially catching the ‘in the moment’ shots. I’m hoping one day to enter my first salon, but feel I still have a lot to learn before that.

Now that I’m a little more confident in taking photos and using photoshop I would like to work on some fantasy photos….watch this space.

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